Ava and Azar

Tahmina - Light Green and Gold

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Introducing the Tahmina.

the Persian name, meaning ‘powerful’, this Ava and Azar statement stud draws inspiration from the Zoroastrian era.

With a recycled clay base of translucent white and light green, speckled with gold, this Ava and Azar slow-made style are finished with gold leaf detailing and have a distressed finish.

All Ava and Azar earrings are made by hand and unique.

Made from polymer clay, Ava and Azar statement earrings are much lighter compared to other materials.

Each pair is imprinted with the Ava and Azar logo on the rear of the earring.

Gold vermeil studs - sterling silver plated with 3 microns of 24k gold.

All earrings are presented in Ava and Azar sustainable gift packaging.

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of this product, there may be some very slight imperfections - all adding to the charm and uniqueness of each pair of earrings.

Each pair available for sale may be very slightly different to that of the image shown - due to the completely unique and handcrafted nature of all Ava and Azar earrings. For example, the placement of gold leaf detailing on the earring, or the mix of the clay colour. As stated, each pair of Ava and Azar earrings are completely unique, which is what makes them so special!

Recommended care: Earrings can be delicate due to handcrafted nature, handle with love and care! Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Length: 2.8cm approx

Width: 3.5cm approx

Weight: 4g approx