About Ava and Azar

Soophia Foroughi is a British-Iranian actress and session singer based in the UK. She was recently in the Original London Cast of The Prince of Egypt, a stage adaption of the Oscar-winning Dreamworks film, performed in London’s West End, at the Dominion theatre.

  Due to the unforeseen standstill that the UK's theatre industry has had to face as a result of COVID-19, Soophia was unable to perform in the show for 15 months, as all West End shows sadly had to close during that time. Soophia found a positive and alternative way to be creative.


Ava and Azar was born.


Combining her Iranian heritage with a love of statement earrings, Soophia draws inspiration from the incredible colour palettes of Persian architecture and Iran’s stunning landscapes, whilst allowing her to connect with the beauty and essence of Iran that she hopes to experience again in the near future.

As a child, she travelled to Iran on many occasions to visit family, but hasn’t been able to return for over 20 years. Longing to reconnect and learn more about her heritage and Iran’s culture, this seemed like a wonderfully creative way to find that connection.

‘Ava’ and ‘Azar’ are both Persian feminine names; Ava meaning ‘voice’ or ‘sound’ and Azar meaning ‘fire’, but also the ninth month of the Persian solar year.

Soophia connected to these beautiful names, in the way that she is a singer, but was also born in the ninth month of the Western calendar year - so it felt right to use the beauty of Ava and the boldness of Azar together in this way - a way that encapsulates the feel of the earrings that Ava and Azar represents.

Each pair of Ava and Azar unique statement earrings are lovingly made by hand - combining the beautiful with the bold.